The following is a complete timeline of events in the ZombiU universe. Note that ZombiU takes place, until 2012, within the same timeline as our own. Thus, only major events that tie into the plot that occurred in real life will be mentioned.


  • April 3: John Dee makes an entry in his diary upon his return to England, recounting his experience in dealing with the plague in Europe.


  • December 10: Jane Dee is infected by the Blight during an outbreak in Manchester.
  • December 14: John Dee collects scabs from infected in Manchester. The city council of Manchester decides to burn the infected areas to the ground to contain the infection.
  • December 15: John Dee makes a note in his diary about collecting scabs from infected in Manchester, and his attempt to use them as a cure for his wife.


  • February 3: John Dee writes a letter to Francis Bacon regarding the death of his wife. He notes that he plans to return to England in defiance of King James I, and urges Bacon to continue researching the Panacea.


  • September 27: John Dee pens his last letter to Francis Bacon before his death.


  • John "The Prepper" Wright is dismissed from the Omega Group following his attempts to get the Queen to prepare for the coming Blight.
  • June 5:Prime Minister Tony Blair writes a letter to Queen Elizabeth II, informing her that John has been dismissed from the Omega Group.


  • November 11:British tabloid VOX publishes an article talking about the shooting of John Wright by royal guards when he attempts to break into Buckingham Palace to speak with the Queen about the Black Prophesy.


  • May 11:Sondra Kelley writes a letter to John Wright during his stay in the mental ward. Because of his increasingly bitter and bleak outlook on the Blight, she decides to end their relationship.