MP5 SD Submachine Gun
MP5 Workbench Image
The icon for the MP5 SD in the Wrokshop
Base Statistics
Weapon Type(s) Rnaged, Sub-Machine Gun
Damage 43
Fire Rate .008
Reload ~3.2s
Spread 7.00
Capacity 30
Scope? NO
Silencer? YES
Upgrade Statistics
Upgraded Damage 49
Upgraded Fire Rate .006
Upgraded Spread 5.80
Upgraded Capacity 45
"The trusty MP5. The best gun in the world for close crowd control, if you catch my drift." -The Prepper

The Heckler and Koch MP5 SD is a sub-machine gun in ZombiU. It is one of the two sub-machine guns in the game along with the UMP45, and as such, it uses sub-machine gun ammo. It is also one of the only two weapons with a silencer.

The MP5 can be found on a corpse in a the room hidden behind a keypad in Brick Lane Flats. The code for this keypad can be found by lining up the portion of the Ravens of Dee symbol above the keypad with the wings of the raven drawn on a window in an adjacent room. Once the symbol is lined up, the Prepper Pad can be used to see the code.

Gameplay Edit

Being a sub-machine gun, the MP5 SD offers a high firing rate and a considerably large magazine size while suffering from low damage per shot and high bullet spread, making it ineffective at long range. One benefit of the MP5 SD is that it is equipped with a silencer, allowing you to take out zombies without alerting others.

Playing methodically with this weapon is how you can get the most out of this weapon, as taking things slowly will allow you to preserve the fairly rare ammunition that this firearm uses. Being more conservative with this gun also is how you can utilize one of this weapon's main features; its silencer. But when you're being surrounded by infected and need a stopgap measure to get out, the MP5 is perfectly capable of keeping hordes at bay with its high fire rate.

Overall, the MP5 SD is a versatile weapon that is a fine tool in many situations because of its silencer and effectiveness at closer ranges (which you'll find yourself in quite often).

Trivia Edit

  • The MP5 SD in ZombiU uses sub-machine gun ammo which is interchangeable with the UMP45 even though both guns in the real world use different ammunition. The MP5 in real life uses 9x19mm ammunition which is what the L9A1 and P226 both use, which begs the question; why can't the MP5 in-game use handgun ammo?
  • Both the MP5 and UMP sub-machine guns are products of the Heckler and Koch company in Germany.
  • The MP5 SD in-game is modeled off of the MP5SD6, which in British service is designated L92A1.
  • During the firing animation of the MP5 SD, the charging handle is seen moving backward with each shot fired. The charging handle of the actual firearm is non-reciprocating, which means it does not move backwards when fired.