Female survivor searching for items

Items can be found in-game and can be added to the  Bug-Out Bag (often abbreviated as BOB). Items can range from ranged weapons and melee weapons to gear, food, and drinks.

Medipacks and FoodEdit

Item Description Primary Effect Secondary Effect
Soda A thirst-quenching soft drink. Heals 10 health --
Cake A dense, moist treat that really hits the spot. Heals 10 health --
Chocolate A delicious bar of fine English chocolate. Heals 10 health --
Energy Drink A fortifying drink to keep you up and peaking. Heals 10 health --
Fruit Juice Made with real fruit puree! And lots of sugar. Heals 10 health --
Medium Medipack Essential painkillers and bandages. Heals 40 health (Heals 100 health in King of Zombies)
Large Medipack A portable triage in a box. Use only in the direst of emergencies! Heals 80 health --
Animal Meat The remains of a recently slain rat or raven. Heals 15 health (50% chance) Hinders 10 health (50% Chance)


Survival ItemsEdit


BOB (Bug Out Bag) UpgradesEdit

  • Backpack XL
  • Backpack XXL

Prepper Pad Edit

  • The Prepper Pad
  • Pad Upgrade I  (Scanner Upgrade)
  • Pad Upgrade II (Scan Hack Upgrade)

Other Survival ItemsEdit

Mission ItemsEdit

Doc's Missions ItemsEdit

  • Gesner's "De Rimedi Secreti"
  • Dr John Dee's "Studium Contagoine"
  • Dee's Pages
  • Dr. Knight's Eye
  • USB Key (Panacea)

Other's Mission ItemsEdit

  • Antibiotics
  • Petrol
  • Lost Mission Items (If your survivors dies then any mission item will be called this)