The British Armed Forces are the combined Army, Air Force, and Navy of the United Kingdom, responsible for defending both the home islands, and the British overseas territories. Prior to the start of the game, the British Armed Forces were tasked with containing the infection in London, as well as protecting important locations and VIPs.



The British Army is the most prevalent branch of the Armed Forces seen in ZombiU. Prior to the start of the game, Army personnel were tasked with securing key locations throughout the city, including Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. Infected members can be found roaming throughout Buckingham Palace.

There are several specialized groups within the Army, notably the Queen's Guard and Omega Group. The Queen's Guard was responsible for securing the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and St. James Palace. Infected members of the Guard are notably found at these locations.

The Omega Group was a top secret organization within the Army, recruiting from British Special Forces and Special Air Service personnel. They acted as the elite body guard for the Queen, as well as the Royal Family. Their uniform consisted of a darker version of the standard Army fatigues, as well as an optional red beret. Several infected Omega Group soldiers can be found in the bunker beneath Buckingham Palace.

Air ForceEdit

The British Royal Air Force is the main air arm of the British Armed Forces. Their only appearance is at the end of the game, when R.A.F pilots are tasked with firebombing London in an attempt to wipe out and contain the infection.

Known MembersEdit